How To Measure For Replacement Windows

Once you decide that you need replacement windows and that you will be taking this task yourself, the first thing you must do is to make sure you know the answer to how to measure for replacement windows.

You might think, what is the big deal? Right?

Following the right steps and instructions is key while measuring replacement windows.

I found the following video quite useful as it takes you step by step through the process. I recommend you do not skip any steps, as annoying or duplicate it might seem.

For instance the video calls for measuring in three points, do exactly that. If you do not, you might miss that in fact the left side is lower than the right side or the right one lower than the left one. The point is that if you spend the time upfront, taking the correct measures for your replacement windows, in the long run you will save time and money.

How many times have you thought to yourself, I can do this, my way…

And then had to do it again and again?

Do the work upfront and you will be set to go! How to measure windows for replacement is quite simple, if you follow the instructions!

Good luck!